Our Favorite Crops

Welcome back, everyone! You know, farming is tough work, but it’s also really rewarding. We love what we do, just like you love what we sell. So today we thought we’d give you a little glimpse into our favorite crops to grow.

Nellie’s Favorite Crops

One of Nellie’s favorite crops is salad greens, like arugula and Asian greens. These are in the brassica family with broccoli and cabbage. She finds them really satisfying to grow because of how fast and early in the season they mature. They go in the ground, and before you know it, the bed looks nice and full! And, of course, they taste good, too.

She also really likes carrots, but for different reasons. They’re quite a bit more challenging than salad greens, since they take a long time to germinate, and they’re finicky when it comes to sharing space with weeds. But when everything goes right, the harvest is so satisfying.

Her other favorite crops include herbs of various kinds. They’re generally easy to grow, especially because of their built-in defenses against pests. Pesticides are never used at Whistling Thistle, not even natural ones, so it’s always nice when the plants protect themselves against hungry insects.

Stephen’s Favorite Crops

Stephen likes growing most crops well enough, but there are still a few he’s partial to. One example is tomatoes. Sure, they taste good, but have you ever tried harvesting them? The non-fruit parts have a greenish-gold resin that rubs off on your hands while you work, and it sticks around for a while. Sure gives new meaning to having a “green thumb!”

Stephen also enjoys growing onions. It took him a few years to get the hang of it, but he was really happy with last year’s crop, and found a lot of satisfaction in pulling up those big, bulging bulbs.

Finally, just like Nellie, Stephen is also a fan of herbs. Their fragrant smell makes harvest a pleasant experience, and they’re very lightweight, even when you’re carrying a big load of them. This makes them a bit less labor-intensive than other crops.

Although we feel fondest toward these particular crops, we’re also fond of all the others we grow, just in different ways. That includes the ones we’re offering at the Farmers Market! Remember, you can place orders on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and pickup is every Saturday at the Embassy Vineyard Church building, from 8:30 to 11:30.

And once you’re done there, consider checking out our farmstand! It’s open for the first time this year on Saturday, from 8 to 1, and we’ll have plenty of plant starts and veggies for everyone to enjoy. Why not stop by and say hi?

Well, whether we see you on Saturday or just for our Monday blog post, thanks for spending some time with us today. We can’t wheat to see you again!

Photo by Iñigo De la Maza on Unsplash