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Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

We are excited for the new season ahead of us and we want to keep you updated on some changes taking place. Overall, we were pleased with how the season went last year but now we need to concentrate on rebuilding our soil this coming year. Two thirds of our field will be put into a cover crop rotation for the whole season and we will be producing vegetables on what’s remaining. Since we won’t have as much space to grow on, we will not be doing any CSA deliveries this year. We are saddened to limit our outreach to the communities surrounding our area however, we will still be open for business in some other ways.

Our farm stand will still be open and we encourage you to take advantage of coming to the farm. This year we are going to be open on Fridays (4-7p) and Saturdays (8a-1p) starting sometime in May and ending sometime in October. We are planning on having an attendant every time the stand is open so that visitors can ask questions and get the latest updates. We are also making steady improvements to the farm stand that will enhance the quality of our produce as well as the beauty of the farm. Come and check it out!

We will also be selling our produce at the Waverly Farmer’s Market on Saturdays as well as Think Well Community Coffee (Duos) and a few other retail outlets including Hansen’s Dairy in Cedar Falls.

We will be updating our Website and Facebook pages on these changes soon. Keep your eyes out for new updates and details about start dates etc. as the season gets closer. 

We are excited to see and hear from you!


Spring– greens including; lettuce, flavorful Asian greens, arugula, spinach; radishes, fresh eating salad Hakurai turnips, green onions, asparagus, baby carrots, broccolini

Early Summer– everything from the spring availability as well as; summer squash, cucumbers, strawberries, kale, swiss chard, broccoli, kohlrabi, carrots, beets, peas, green beans, onions, garlic whistles, culinary herbs; basil, cilantro

Late Summer– some from the spring and early summer availability as well as; tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, sweet bell peppers and hot peppers, watermelons, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, storage onions, culinary herbs; sage, thyme, rosemary

Fall– Vegetables available at this time will be; Everything from the spring and summer availability as well as; diverse winter squash, brussels sprouts, pie pumpkins, daikon radishes, ginger, popcorn

Some vegetables prefer the cooler weather of spring and fall so there will be a period during the hot summer months that some veggies will fade out and then some will return again in the fall. These include spinach, asparagus, strawberries, and most lettuces.


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In Whistling Thistle’s case, it gives people a chance to support a local farm business by buying a vegetable share. Once you Sign Up and choose one or more of our CSA share options, you will receive fresh seasonal produce delivered weekly to a location near your home! Purchasing a share early in the season gives the farmers more stability to start out the growing season. There is also a goal to lessen the distance between farmer and consumer (YOU!) by developing meaningful relationships, and having farm events to bring people together, hence “Community Supported Agriculture”. The benefits of “shortening the gap” between farmer and consumer are far beyond what effects just us, Stephen and Nellie. Contribute to the Cosmic Choir and Do Something that will Make a Lasting Impression!


Weeks of delicious vegetables, fruit, and herbs that will blow your tastes buds away (i.e. hot peppers are on the crop list)! Don’t deny it before you try it! We will provide you with a variety of locally grown, fresh an d in-season vegetables, and give you the chance to experiment with your cooking abilities. You can feel good about treating yourself and others to homemade meals that will taste great using produce that is Safe To Eat!”