Farm Updates 5/4/20

Hi there, friends! We’re back for another Monday farm update. The weather’s been getting warmer, and there’s a lot to do as we move into another bountiful growing season.

We were excited to receive a giant semi load of Purple Cow organic compost last week. One of our major goals this year is to rebuild our soil, so this compost will be really helpful. We’ll be using it as mulch to bring some much-needed nutrients and microorganisms into the soil.

Although most of our field is spending the year resting, the rest of it is looking livelier every week! We’ve planted about a third of our ailsa craig onions, and we’re already seeing some blossoms peeking out of our strawberry patch. It won’t be long before the fruit is ready to be picked and enjoyed.

Also, remember those brassica plants we mentioned last week? Well, it’s just about time to transfer them to the field. In the meantime, we used a device called a tractor harrow to stir up the top few inches of the soil. That way, it’ll be ready for the brassica when they head outdoors.

Another big task last week was coordinating the Waverly Farmers Market. Due to the pandemic, all the vendors’ products have been put online, and all purchases will be made through preorder. It’s our job to organize the products people buy so they can pick them up later. Pickups happen at the Embassy Vineyard Church building on Saturday mornings from 8:30 to 11:30.

It’s a lot of work to coordinate the Markets in this way, but we’re happy to do it, for the sake of our community and local economy. Of course, we’re also selling some of our own products! Last week we had stinging nettle, goat milk soap, vegetable plant starts, and more. This week we’ll have even more available, including some rhubarb and some vibrant asian greens.

If you’d like to shop our selection or check out the other vendors, just stop by the Farmers Market website. You can use it to check for updates and place your orders. Also, stay tuned for preordering directly from our farm—we’re still working on this, but we hope to have it ready by May 23rd. It might be a little confusing at first, but we promise to do what we can to help everyone figure it out!

Thanks for spending a few minutes of your Monday with us. We really appreciate your support. On Thursday we’ll be highlighting the four types of Asian greens we sell, so don’t miss out! Until then—stay beet-iful!

Photo by Mat Reding on Unsplash